26 May 2010

I Think My Inner Clock is Syncopated

I just watched the little upper corner clock on my aunt's MacBook Pro tick from 6:14 to 6:15 am while my internal clock blinked 12:00, 12:00 over again. I woke up about three hours ago after the world's strangest dream about visiting non-existent Juneau nightlife with Kip and crying when I saw people burning a copy of a book by John Paul II. The baby starting kicking really hard in either real life or dream world, and either way it woke me up to a dark room in Pennsylvania and a few too many blankets whose heat probably caused the dream in the first place. It was 9 am Norway time, so my body said, "Why not?" I rolled over and called Kip, tried to sleep a little bit more, finally gave up and got up, went to the bathroom, poured myself a bowl of Honey Smacks, and have been sitting on the recliner watching the Science channel and surfing the Internet ever since. I should be finishing sewing the bridesmaids' gifts for Alethea, but there's time for that after another bathroom break and bowl of cereal (lest I forget that Bean is in constant need of snacks and finds my bladder a particularly cushy place to rest). Besides, the Sun's coming up and the light burning a few feet away is officially unnecessary (which I love).

Norway was incredible. Such a place of beauty and solidness. The people are all confident, but not arrogant; strong, but not overbearing. Okay, maybe they're a little too tall for me, but that only became an issue when my feet couldn't hit the floor in more than one variety of chair. And the land---it makes Alaska look tame and kitschy in comparison. As soon as I get back home (in a week), I will upload the hundreds of photos I took and post some favorites. In the meantime, it's more photo opportunities as I spend a few days with family and then fly to Chicago to see my best friends for Matthew and Alethea's wedding. Then it's home indefinitely, which I'm pretty ready for--I have a nursery to arrange and three tiny months to do it. Ahhh!

17 May 2010

To Norvege!

At the moment, I've traded in the mountains and streams of Juneau for the Amish farms and rolling hills of my childhood (or at least childhood visiting family) in Pennsylvania. But soon I will be trading in even that refreshing view for another one--fjords! My Aunt Verna and I are hopping a plane and making our way to the land of our Andersen ancestors, Norway! So, dear bloggy friends, I will be absent from "...Just Alaska" for two weeks while I am in Just Norway (hehe, get it? It's a blog title pun!). Have fun, and I'll be a posting maniac when I get back.


14 May 2010

In Retrospect, I Could've Used the Glacier to Ice My Arms

Today Is Going to be All About:
-playing through my instant Netflix queue while I finishing sewing Alethea's bridesmaids' gifts
-ironing aforementioned gifts and sending them out
-packing for Norway
-staying as hydrated as physically possible (I'm thinking toting around the Camelbak all day is in order)
-and uploading the photos from kayaking at the glacier with Father Thomas yesterday (a trip which left me with such intense arm pain that it woke me up during the night...twice. It was glorious.)

12 May 2010

Yoga + Cindy = Comedy Show?

I have come to the conclusion as of late that I'm just not mature enough to be able to consistently take yoga classes. Examples:
-when Kip and I took one for kicks and giggles on our honeymoon, the instructor yelled at me to "keep your breathing even" because I couldn't control myself after glancing between my knees in the Downward Facing Dog position only to see my husband simultaneously contorted like a pretzel and trying to lift one leg up in the air
-I spent the majority of the prenatal yoga class I took last night with my eyes closed because the view of a handful of very round women trying to balance and stretch in ridiculous ways was too funny for me (although the mental image of my own clumsy poses didn't help matters much)
-I was also unusually amused by the fact that three-quarters of the class left to go to the bathroom at one point or another

11 May 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Things That Made Me Smile This Past Week:
1. Seeing Bean on our 20 week ultrasound
2. Kip's birthday on Saturday
3. Going kayaking with Father Thomas on Sunday
4. The really pretty duet line that Ty and I played (but which nobody probably heard) at the Mondeverdi Vespers this past weekend
5. Meeting Governor Parnell at the Policeman's Memorial today
6. Bean kicking through the same two or three movements of the Vespers every time I played them...he/she either loved them or hated them, I can't tell
7. Finally backing up my computer so I can upload new photos!
8. Our newest culinary revelation: brie and cheddar grilled cheese
9. Tillamook's newest favorite game: tag. Seriously, he'll just hide under something really obvious, like the shower curtain, until you walk by and then he'll run out, tap you with both his paws and then run away. I tried running after him and doing the same but he didn't seem to quite get it.
10. Thinking of all my friends who graduated on Saturday!

10 May 2010

Kip's Birthday


Since Kip's last birthday got lost in the abyss of my Baccalaureate and Graduation from good 'ol North Park, I was determined that this year would be a birthday of epic proportions for him. Yes, sir, 27 would eclipse 26 (experientially as well as numerically) if I had anything to do with it. And I think it did. His birthday consisted of:
a giant "Happy Birthday Kip!" sign in the living room
driving downtown for a late lunch at the Twisted Fish
a TON of barbeque-related gifts from yours truly
a quite remarkable backscratcher from my parents (although he claims it doesn't exempt me from back scratching duties)
a four mile run (his, not mine...and he wanted to, so okay)
watching playoff hockey on the big screen at a friend's house
some fantastic barbequed ribs and chicken
a performance of the 1610 Monteverdi Vespers that evening, because the Bach Society asked me to play with them and Kip said the he'd love to hear me play on his birthday so I did it

Happy Belated Birthday, Kip!

04 May 2010

I Have Seen...

I Have Seen:

Fields of fragrant lavender in Tuscany...

...the steeples of Oxford at a cool daybreak...

...the most delicate works of nature...

...the sun slipping below the horizon in Chile...

...And they were all nothing compared to watching my baby play with its fingers and suck its thumb in grainy black and white: