27 April 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Things That Made Me Smile This Past Week:
1. The weather, which is finally warm and sunny enough for me to embark on my most favorite of summertime chores: hanging the laundry outside to dry!
2. My fabulous husband, who woke me up this morning with a box of croissants and a bouquet of flowers.
3. I had some wonderful girl chat with Natalie this afternoon
4. The day of grilling we had on Saturday (see post below)
5. The way that Tillamook stood with his paws up on the windowsill next to the front door and meowed at me the entire time I was hanging up laundry today, as if to say, "The CLOTHES get to go outside and I can't?"
6. Bean kicking the entire way through dinner on Sunday night
7. Our prenatal appointment on Wednesday, in which I got to hear (via the spiffy Doppler thing) Bean kicking away AND its heartbeat again (148 bpm and going strong!)
8. Finally getting my box of stuff from my trip to Maryland and therefore the Ikea grater-tupperware combos that I found for $2.99. You've got to love innovative Swedish design at reasonable prices!
9. Taking a walk with Christine around Twin Lakes on Friday
10. The message thread that Vannae (a friend from college) and I have been composing on Facebook regarding the trials, tribulations, and treasures of being pregnant. It's so nice to have another pregnant friend to talk to!

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Vannae said...

Having another pregnant friend makes me smile too!