20 April 2010

Ten Things Tuesday: Resurrected

I know that with work and travel and doing said things while pregnant, I have fallen off the bandwagon with my Ten Things Tuesday and My Town Friday Photo Shoot-Out, but this is the week of recompense! I am getting back on the wagon! And I am starting with...

The Ten Things That Have Made Me Smile This Past Week (plus extras since I haven't done this in ages):
1. The fact that it's quiet enough in Juneau that I can hear the church bells downtown ring out the hour. I never noticed that while I was working!
2. Nesting instincts kicking in full-force, which has resulted in....
3. A new area rug. It's lighter and cushier and generally more homey. I love it! It also goes nicely with...
4. The new pillows I am in the process of sewing. Mom and I went on an Ikea spree during my visit, and the fabric for the pillows was the highlight of the trip. (Lowlight: apparently the baby isn't a huge fan of Swedish meatballs, which makes me really sad because I love them and I hope he/she learns to as well)
5. Remembering to take my prenatal vitamins last night. I did something right!
6. Tillamook. He's just hilarious.
7. An email today from Kasey, just being the best friend ever.
8. An email today from Paige, who I went through Confirmation class with, and who lives about a quarter of a mile away, inviting me to have a decaf latte with her at her house on Wednesday. I haven't had a latte in ages, but the way she described how she's mastered the art of home brewing made me really want one!
9. An email from Heather, in which we discussed the details of graduation, pregnancy, and her upcoming visit in July
10. Going through said email inbox and deleting superfluous and old emails. I even enjoy cleaning in digital form.
11. My entire visit in Maryland--Alli is the cutest little baby I've ever seen, and having an extra week with my mom was great.
12. Finding a Juneau photo contest being held this month.
13. Getting my first ever publishing paycheck in the mail for the Zondervan dictionary!!!!!!!!!!!
14. The strawberries that are arriving in our CSA produce box

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Jeanne said...

Come back to Maryland, you can do my cleaning and I'll give you all the strawberries you can eat!! Imagine that - two things that make you happy!! Cindy happy dance! And no cleaning for me!