17 April 2010

Our Apartment Is a Party Animal

Kip and I just returned from a week (or two) in the Lower 48 for our niece's baptism (post and photos later since I now have my camera back from its exile down South!), and we discovered something terrifying when we got back:

Our apartment.

I think in the time that we were gone, it threw a party. Or got really depressed and didn't take care of itself. We were sure we'd left it at least somewhat clean when we left--we did some dishes, swept the floor, made sure there wasn't stuff everywhere--but when we came back, it was an absolute mess. It was so bad that we stayed up until 12:30 last night cleaning the most desolate parts so as to not wake up to a nightmare this morning. So today, on my first day back in Alaska without the chains of employment, will be a day spent at home in an extreme fervor of nesting.

(And I'm really jazzed about it!)

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