06 April 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

It's 9:16pm, I just got home from my last day of work (HALLELUJAH! I will post on this decision later), and I'm not ready for my birthday to be over yet. Since Kip is working night shift and I am therefore alone, I have decided to put on my comfy clothes, grab some of the strawberry trifle I made for Easter yesterday, slap on a face mask, and watch Harry Potter while continuously shooing Tillamook away from my birthday flowers.

And, I will blog about my birthday.

And, I choose to blog about my birthday in my favorite type of writing: a list.

Highlights of my 23rd Birthday:
-It was sunny today!
-Kip woke me up around midnight to give me my birthday presents and what is perhaps the most perfect birthday card ever to grace an envelope
-Two customers sang "Happy Birthday" to me at the store, and Katrina made me a yummy pound cake.
-It was my last day working at the bookstore, and I got the aforementioned cake on it. Seriously, who gets cake on their last day when they're just quitting and not retiring? NOBODY! (Except me, apparently)
-Having a beautiful vase of flowers delivered to me from my brother- and sister-in-law! It made the back room at work smell like heaven, what with the flowers and the pound cake and the sweet smell of impending freedom.
-Since Kip was sleeping through the day to prepare for switching to night shift today, I spent the better part of the morning sitting in the sunlight reading Cardinal Avery Dulles' collection of lectures on Church and Society (aptly titled "Church and Society") while Tillamook took a nap on top of the couch. It was a way to spend my morning that just felt so very true to who I am. And if you're going to feel true to who you are, your birthday is really the day to do it, eh?
-I got pulled over while driving home. On my birthday. By my husband, who just wanted to say "Happy Birthday" one more time. Isn't he great?
-My favorite part of today was actually something quite mundane, something which probably happened 23 years ago although at that time, it would have been rather more one-sided: I had a really great conversation with my dad over my lunch break. We didn't talk about anything earth-shattering or hugely important, we just chatted. And it was really nice.

Now I have two hours and fifteen minutes left--just enough time for Harry Potter.


hrobins said...

Happy BIRTHDAY!!! YAY, 23! That's like, true adulthood, right there. You know, that and the fact that you're married and pregnant. That might have something to do with it, too. ;-) I LOVE YOU, BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday!
ahhh to be 23...
actually totally okay with being 41
enjoy every moment!
love and light

shovan said...
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