22 April 2010

Adventures in Pregnancy: Nesting

In the approximately 17 weeks and 4 days that I have been with child, I have decided that, if one were to turn the time of pregnancy into a Broadway production, it would be entitled
"Hormones!: A Revue"
I imagine it to include lots of flashing lights, dancing food, and a kick line of Rockettes with runny mascara from an impromptu crying fit.

Seriously, I have laughed and cried and craved and been completely brain dead and peed and cleaned more in the past four months than the entire 23 years preceding them. And sometime in the past two weeks, all those nesting hormones that people talk about have jumped into the conga line, flooding my brain with thoughts of reorganization and sewing and dusting and generally any sort of linen that belongs in a house. Given, these aren't particularly unusual themes for me to be thinking about, but it's gone into overdrive the past fortnight or so.

Example: While sitting on the couch tonight, propped up by the pillows that I just re-covered, crocheting a stuffed animal, and watching the John Adams HBO miniseries with Kip for the fourth time (if you haven't seen it, you really need to), I looked down at the new area rug that I bought in a fit of nesting activity exactly three days ago and decided that it already looks dirty and wondered how much a steam cleaner would cost. Bad ideas all around, at least where large and expensive cleaning equipment in a teeny tiny apartment is concerned.

On the bright side, though, there are now several aspects of our apartment that make me smile every time I see them:
-The jar of beer bottle caps that I've been collecting for the past six or seven months that is sitting on our counter. I have big craft plans for them, and I almost have enough to start!
-The aforementioned pillows that I sewed new covers for last night, as well as the aforementioned new area rug. Together, they make the living room look way brighter and way bigger than it used to.
-The fact that we propped up our old closet doors in front of our bedroom windows to keep out the light now that Kip is on night shift. It's functional and free!
-The curtains that now hang in place of the old closet doors (which never worked to begin with)
-Our new, more colorful shower curtain. It has leaves all over it, and every time I take a shower, I feel like I'm in a jungle adventure. It's exciting.

And that's not all, tomorrow I have big plans to hem the new curtains covering the closet, find a frame for the piece of art I just bought (more on that later), wash every surface the cat stepped on last night (also, more on that later), and craft for the rest of the day. Enter the dancing fruit!

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