31 March 2010

The Fascinating Conclusion to the Saga You Had No Clue Was Happening, Or "The Real Reason I Haven't Been Posting As Much"

I realized it the day that Tillamook jumped on me and my reaction was to sit down and sob for ten minutes while he backed away, no doubt wondering what strange, hormonal creatures humans were.

"Well, that was a bit of an overreaction", I thought to myself as I wiped away my tears.
"I wonder..."

A week and two pregnancy tests later, we realized that we needed to expand that Converse shot from so many months ago. Here's to the little feet that will fill our newest pair around September 26th!

Lady Gaga Even Has Crazy Fashion In My Dreams

A Humorously Mundane Moment Experienced Earlier Today:


There are a lot of sensory experiences that are pleasant to awake to--a fragrant breakfast cooking, a warm splash of sunlight filtering through the window, a soft "I love you" from a beloved voice...

...the "ahbuhbuhbuhbuhbuh"ing of my ill husband shivering himself awake at four in the morning is not one of those pleasant sensory experiences.

I had been building a porch with my college orchestra director, a coworker, and Lady Gaga when my shivering, shaking, and generally miserable husband woke me from what was quite possibly the strangest dream in history. About 45 minutes, three blankets, two medications, a phone call to Mom to make sure aforementioned medications wouldn't result in death, one imprisonment of the cat (who thought that this was the perfect time to play, wouldn't you?), and five Clorox bleach wipes to clean the bathroom (a side effect from the trapped cat, who thought that throwing litter everywhere was a fun alternative to playing) later, I laid back down next to my (now drugged-up and sleeping) husband and prepared to return to Dreamland and see how the porch was coming along.

And for the record, her fashion sense was just as out there in my dream.

16 March 2010

I Never Realized How Underrated Travel Is Until I Moved to Alaska...

...now I realize the fullness of its joy.

I'm leaving tomorrow for a week in which I will:
-stop for an overnight in Seattle and see my in-laws
-have a 36-hour layover in Chicago in which I will not sleep but will see everyone who I love and have missed for the past six months
-see my parents, sister, brother-in-law, niece, grandpa, and great-grandma in Florida for some family fun

When I get back, I'm going to finish backing up my computer on the external hard drive I finally bought, then put in my new memory and POST A BILLION PHOTOS!!!! I will also write extensive posts about more of Tillamook's antics, my trip, and the real reason I haven't been posting as much lately.

You're intrigued now, huh?

08 March 2010

The Subplot Wonder Turtle Meets the Counterculture Wonder Cat (written in the Steinbeckian style)

While I was in high school, I read The Grapes of Wrath.
(Ahem, one of the few books I actually did read!)
And held within The Grapes of Wrath is that subplot about the turtle crossing the road.
It's supposed to symbolize the futility of progress or something like that.
(Now, when I pick up a turtle to help it across the road, I try to move it in the direction it was facing. Thanks John Steinbeck).
The Subplot Wonder Turtle's journey is documented through the book, with little interludes between the chapters of real plot.
(I'm getting to a point soon, I promise)

My life has turned into a virtual Grapes of Wrath, and Tillamook plays the part of the Subplot Wonder Turtle, except he's more like the Counterculture Wonder Cat.

...Except I'm pretty sure the Subplot Wonder Turtle wouldn't have been able to move fast enough for every photo ever taken of him to come out blurry.

I wrote a few weeks ago about Tillamook's new favorite game: fetch. (He thinks he is a dog) Since then, the texture of my life has gone somewhat like this:
Wake Up
Tillamook greets me in the bathroom
Brush my teeth
Tillamook greets me in the bathroom once again, with a ball in his mouth. He drops it on the floor and looks at me expectantly.
Wash my face
He starts to meow, I throw the ball.
Get dressed
Throw the ball
Put on makeup
Throw the ball
Get food ready for work
Throw the ball, but a different colored ball this time, because Tillamook couldn't find the one I threw and settled for finding a different one and bringing me that to throw.
Put on my shoes
Throw the ball
Lock the door on my way out to work
Throw the ball across the apartment so he doesn't try to escape
Go to work
Ironically, throw more balls, but only because I'm the "toy assistant/bookseller" and the kids who come into the store like to toss around the store's rubber balls and then not pick them up
Pick up Kip
Come home
Throw the ball that has been plopped at my feet after the obligatory rubbing of my ankles and purring
Make a dinner-type situation
Throw the ball
Check my email/blog/Facebook
Throw the ball
Read a book
Throw the ball
Go to sleep
Throw the ball across the apartment so we can close the bedroom door and thereby lock out the cat

Talk about futility of progress! Steinbeck, your turtle has nothing on my cat.