16 February 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Things That Made Me Smile This Week:

1. Finding a cute outfit to wear today. It's becoming harder and harder to do. Don't you just hate that mid-season fashion lag?
2. How clean our apartment was by the time Kip's parents came to visit. Kip is my hero!
3. Confirmation on Saturday. It was marvelous! I felt so epic and Church History-y.
4. My husband, who brought home the following after I had the world's worst day at work:
trashy celebrity magazines
sour cream & onion pringles
jolly ranchers
the makings for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
assorted fruit juice smoothies
organic chocolate ice cream (he truly knows the way to my heart)
5. Buying the fabric/accessories to make Alethea's bridesmaids' gifts. Shh, it's a secret! But it's Greek and awesome!
6. The fact that the last thing I said to Kip last night before we fell asleep was: "::Yawn:: Can we play Settlers of Catan over the weekend? I really want to."
7. Watching the Olympics. I'm such a geek for international community.
8. The smoothies we continue to make with our Magic Bullet.
Best. Investment. Ever
9. Finally getting to talk to my parents on the phone after three weeks.
10. Trying, with the elder Cheshires, to figure out how to teach Tillamook how to scratch on the scratching post we bought him instead of everything else.


Widge said...

my husband always buys me food to make me happy too :) what's with that??!!

mmmm pringles

Anonymous said...

mmmm love this list Cindy
haven't been by for a while...glad to come by for a visit to this post