02 February 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Things that Made Me Smile This Week:
1. Tillamook....who is currently glaring at me because I supposedly rubbed his nose when he didn't want it rubbed. The nerve!
2. Finding a really cute book of crocheted animals at JoAnns. I'm going to send it to a friend who's stuck in Seattle with pregnancy complications, but not before I make the elephant from the book.
3. Making aforementioned elephant's ear and realizing that it kind of looked like a potsticker, then coming up with an ingenious idea for a craft to sell--crocheted "potstickers" in a Chinese take out box. Cute? Maybe not so much? Langsea Dibley has some crocheted "cupcakes" and she loves them, so maybe "potstickers" will be a hit with the under five set too.
4. Finally cleaning the back window of the Jeep. It was so beautiful that I became a slight driving hazard because I was staring out of it far too often.
5. Plugging in my iPod and not talking to anyone at work for the entire day while we did inventory.
6. Kip bringing me lunch at work during one of his days off
7. Finding my new favorite book, "Timeless Simplicity", on sale at the bookstore. You should read it. It's great.
8. Warm-ish weather that sort of reminds me of spring
9. Finding an add in the paper for people who want to become Pampered Chef sellers. I'm seriously considering it, if only for the discount on baking stones. I have secretly wanted the bread pan stone for about eight years now.
10. The SmartWool socks that Kip got me for Christmas. I'm still jazzed about them.

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