22 February 2010

Let the Sun Shine!

I like to think of life in Southeast Alaska as a sort of love affair between Juneauites and Nature. And we really do play the part--when times are good (i.e. sunny), we sweep away the obligations of daily life and dive with gusto into Nature, forgetting anything and everything else besides it. When times are bad (i.e. rainy), we react as scorn lovers do, ignoring Nature and giving it the silent treatment while paying unnatural amounts of attention to other, trivial things, like hobbies.

Over the past few days, and after a very dark winter, it's seemed like Nature has come to us, scuffing the floor with its feet, looking at the ground as it says, "Sorry about all that lack of sunshine, will this make up for it?" as it holds out a big box full of cloudless days and sunshine galore. And we take Nature back, forgetting all its faults until the next time we haven't seen the sun in weeks.

It. Has. Been. GLORIOUS!
It's not just sunny outside, it's SUNNY!
As in, I-have-been-sitting-on-the-floor-in-the-sunshine-because-it's-the-warmest-place-in-the-house, sunny.
As in, the-cat-has-been-squinting-at-the-windows-because-it's-so-sunny, resplendent.
As in, we-have-been-squinting-at-the-cat-because-the-reflection-off-his-white-fur-is-too-bright, magnificent.
The light radiating from Heaven compares to this!
(okay, maybe that was too far, but you get the idea)

And as soon as I get out of working in the windowless concrete box that we call the mall, I will be enjoying it.

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Rebecca Lynn said...

Have you tried giving your cat the tab you pull off when you open a gallon of milk? My cats entertain themselves for hours! My husband and I have been thinking of getting stationed in Alaska. Cheers,