26 February 2010

Friday Photo Shoot-Out: What's Going On With That

So first I ran out of memory on my computer.
And then I shelled out a hundred dollars to order a new memory card.
And then I realized that I have to shell out close to that amount again to buy an external hard drive to back up all my current memory.
So I need to wait until my next paycheck to do that.
And THEN I can put in the new memory and take more photos and upload them to my computer with its fancy schmancy memory-eating photo editing software so I can post for the Friday Photo Shoot-Out again.
...in between having a full time job, a new kitten, and a husband.

I really miss shooting every week, and I hope I can get all this done soon so I can get back in the gang! But there's your explanation on what's going on with the MTFPSO.


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