25 February 2010

Curling: The New Wondersport

Best Weekend Ever, as had by Kip and Cindy:
-slept in
-played with the cat
-sauntered over to The Hangar for lunch, where we watched the Swedish men's curling team beat the snot out of Great Britain and thereby totally fell in love with the sport (No offense, Great Britain. The Cheshires still love you, it was just a good match). We even ordered some grasshopper pie so we could watch the match for a bit longer.
-read a book in bed in the afternoon, simply because I could, while Kip took a nap, simply because he could. It was good until I realized, when needing to visit the Little Ladies' Room, that I was blocked in on one side by a sleeping husband and on the other by a sleeping cat. Panic ensued.
-watched "The Hangover" while Kip watched his online master's class
-woke up this morning and had the Fruity Pebbles that have been on my mind since Tuesday night
-took approximately 45 minutes to find the song that was stuck in Kip's head when he woke up (verdict: Rihanna's "Live Your Life", we heard it in "The Hangover" last night). This led to a further Googling of "Chris Brown's punishment" because we jointly decided, for the millionth time, that Chris Brown is indeed an idiot for beating Rihanna. And that the video for "Live Your Life" is absolutely ridiculous. You can't talk about living on the streets and act all tough when the vamp from the "Numa, Numa" song is playing in the background. You just can't.

And now we're going grocery shopping.

Also, my new celebrity fascination (not crush, just fascination) is Johnny Weir. He's just fabulous.

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Anonymous said...

That's how we roll on da streets.


What? Shut up Maya guy, nobody ivited you.


Seriously though, I'm trying to be badass.


That's it!