13 January 2010

Ten Things...Wednesday?

Okay, so I had a busy day and a kitten who needed attention. It's a day late.

Ten Things That Made Me Smile This Past Week:
1. Seeing that 33 people wish they were in Alaska enough, or maybe are just mildly amused by my writing, to be followers of ...Just Alaska. I'm honored. :)
2. Having one of my photos chosen as a feature photo for this week's Friday Photo Shoot Out! Check out the post on the FPSO gang's blog here.
3. My dad telling me he was proud to hear that toy sales were up in the bookstore.
4. Getting our kitten, whose name will be withheld until a further post.
5. Watching the kitten's antics. He is especially amused/amusing with a certain foam golf ball that he bats and throws around. He also gets it stuck on his nails and then looks at it quizzically. It's great.
6. Going to the US Coast Guard Auxilliary meeting last night and scoring a full set of free work uniforms for me, some free dress uniforms for Kip, and sweaters for the both of us. Seriously, that was about $400 worth of uniformage. Victory!
7. Snow! Snow! SNOW!!!!
8. Going to Father Thomas' birthday party on Sunday. A post will follow
9. Figuring out my May travel plans--I get to see (in order):
Seattle and the Cheshires
Philadelphia and Aunt Verna
New York City
Pennsylvania and all the Andersen clan (who are Norwegian, which is why Aunt Verna and I are going to Norway)
Maryland and the Hansons (I get to hang out with Alli! And Becky! And Scott!)
Chicago and all my friends at Matthew and Alethea's wedding
Seattle and the Cheshires again
Juneau and Kip, finally after two weeks of travel.
10. Watching Kip with the kitten. He's much better with animals than me. Sometimes he's like the kitten whisperer.
11. Having the editor of the Zondervan dictionary accept all of my articles! They're being sent to secondary editors before publication!

Okay, it was eleven things because it was such a good week.


Becky said...

Glad you had such a great week! You deserve it!

Love, Becky Noyes

Ann said...

You are a lucky gal with so much to smile about.

Moira said...

Well done on the pic and the articles! Your kitten sounds adorable.

hrobins said...

Congratulations, love! Also, would you mind terribly if I did a parallel "Ten Things Thursday" with you? I think it may be just the thing I need to keep me going this last semester, but I don't want to invade your "turf". ;-) Love, Heather

Cindy said...

Thanks, Becky, Ann, and Moira! I started doing these lists to remind me that I do have so many blessings to smile about, and your encouragement definitely adds to the list!

Heather, absolutely! I actually started doing it after I saw the idea on another friend's blog, so go for it! It's a really great way to remind yourself of all your blessings, which (sorry to say), you'll probably need this upcoming semester. You can do it! Enjoy your last few months at NPU!

hrobins said...

Thanks, love. You're the best. =)