19 January 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Things That Made Me Smile This Past Week:
1. Our increasing comfort with the kitten, whose name shall be revealed in a post tomorrow
2. Kip's surprise gift of a first edition copy of Julia Child's cookbook. What to make first?
3. Our decision to start a subscription to a CSA from Full Circle Farms, a family-owned, organic and sustainable farm outside of Seattle that will fly up boxes of seasonal fruits and vegetables to Alaskan residents. Tomorrow morning, we will have a head of broccoli, apples, pears, salad greens, mini beets, a bunch of carrots, cucumber, zucchini, and tons more produce in a nice little box...and all for much cheaper than it would have cost to buy those things at the grocery store up here. Huzzah!
4. Whoever it was that left my followers list after one of my ten things last week was "Seeing that 33 people" were followers. Either they were offended and weren't really that fond of my writing, or they had enough gumption and humor to leave so that the count would be off. If it was the former, I'm sorry. If it was the latter, I salute you, Mystery Followers Leaver Person!
5. The way that the kitten has started nipping the tip of my nose when I come home and pet him. I looked it up--it's a way of showing affection, as if to say, "Purring just isn't doing this justice. I love you and your magic hands!"
6. Getting new photos of Alli in the mail
7. Talking to my Chicago friends on the phone during my lunch break
8. Having a really cool chat with Sister Marie in the bookstore about how she used to live in the "bad" section of Washington D.C. and still walked to services at midnight alone.
9. The Texas Toast that Kip and I devoured because it was so tasty
10. Tessa's post on edible flowers in her garden. I'm so inspired!

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hrobins said...

Excuse me, miss. I'm still waiting for said post on the kitten that would purportedly be posted "tomorrow" (ahem...yesterday). Tick, tock!

You know I love you. Take your time. ;-)