05 January 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Things That Made Me Smile This Week (okay, the past three weeks because I was a slacker who didn't update as usual):
1. Getting a compliment from the Bishop of Juneau on my cello playing at the midnight Christmas service
2. Christmas Day in general...it was surprisingly cozy and wonderful despite none of our family being around for it.
3. The lights hanging over our door. On the other hand, they've also made both of us swear as they get caught in the door frame due to the fact that the paint around our doorframe is mysteriously resistant to any sort of tape.
4. Hearing that toy sales were up from last year, while the rest of the bookstore's sales were down. Not to sound cocky, but I would like to claim just a teensy bit of responsibility for that one.
5. Hearing from our landlords that we're allowed to a) put up curtains, b) hang more pictures and c) get a kitten
6. Brainstorming various names for aforementioned kitten. Current options include, but are not limited to: Augustine of Hippo and the name of Kip's police chief.
7. Running my absolute hardest at the gym for possibly the first time in my life. Strangely, sweat pouring down my face makes me smile. Go figure.
8. Further celebrating the season of Christmas by keeping up our tree and still giving little presents...Kip got "Batman Begins" on Blu-Ray last night.
9. Michael Buble's newest CD, "Crazy Love". "Haven't Met You Yet" is fab.
10. Getting up early in the mornings and actually getting something done with my life. I love to putter. I think it's the curse of the Andersen women. My grandmother did it constantly. My mom does. My sister does (I think...having a baby sort of takes away puttering opportunities). I do it. It's great.


Anonymous said...

I strongly vote Augustine of Hippo. Strongly.

Cindy said...

I thought you would. I'm leaning towards it too.

Here's why, though: we'll be getting the kitten from the humane society, but all the kittens there have an upper respiratory infection, so we don't know if it'll have problems with it their whole life or not. So, as I was staring at the ceiling one night because I couldn't sleep, I was thinking how that shouldn't be a reason NOT to get the kitten--I have Original Sin and God still loves me. Sure, it was wiped away at baptism, but it's still an issue. And since the kittens have been on antibiotics, that was sort of their URI baptism and the rest of their lives they'll battle against their little kitten version of sin (i.e. respiratory problems) and when I think sin, I think Augustine, so there you go.

It was a very late night.

So that's how I came up with the name. I think you, out of all my friends, would appreciate it the most. Tell Josh, Alethea, and Matthew. They're all tied for second most appreciation.

Columbo said...

I've always thought Waldo was a good name for a cat.

My brother likes El Cid.

hrobins said...

Ah! Cats are great, but kittens are a NIGHTMARE. However, perhaps it's exactly the sort of nightmare you need at this point. Or you won't think it's a nightmare. Our cat is wonderful, but my roommate's kitten was absolutely crazy for the first four months. Just warning you. Anyway, I'm done now. ;-) Enjoy puttering!

Moira said...

Yay! A kitten!Cats make a house a home