04 January 2010


Our apartment is slowly, surely, and increasingly becoming more and more like home. It comes in starts and stops--five months ago, throw pillows on the couch were a revelation, cause for celebration, whereas now I am completely entranced by curtains. I spend hours (okay maybe more like 45 minutes) staring at the sample drapes hanging at eye height in the home decor aisle of Fred Meyer's, fascinated. I have become thoroughly jealous of anyone who lives within driving distance of Ikea (which we are not). It probably has something to do with how much time I've been spending inside our hallowed walls due to winter weather. I love it, though. And I love how "home" really boils down to a few physical things that reference myriad intangibles.

...like wearing my favorite booties next to our first Christmas tree...

...and the garden gnome lights we picked up in SeaTac airport because they made us laugh.
"Schnitzfeit!" (double points to whoever can tell me where THAT 80's gem is from)

Lots of laundry hanging across the living room because we go through spurts of being entirely too cheap and entirely too eco-conscious to run our energy-sucking drying machine.

I look at this wedding photo, which sits on my bedside table, probably far too much.
But I secretly smile every time.

And sometimes this one makes me well up when I miss my mom.
It's us, and it was taken on the day I was baptized.

Admittedly, I have a hard time not comparing our living space to Pottery Barn-designed rooms that are perfectly lit and beautiful, or even friends' houses that seem more colorful or comfy or brighter than ours.

But then again, I doubt that Pottery Barn carries garden gnome lights.


Anonymous said...

I'm welling up, I miss you too (and Kip). Looking forward to our visit. Maybe we can watch old episodes of Mork.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...the garden gnome lights are the absolute BEST!!!! so so very cute...we have something similar but it is a little marching banc with Santa conducting and they play short versions of Christmas classics and there little lights blink with the music....completely ridiculous!!!
From what I can see you home is full of love and memorable photos .... things the just don't sell at Pottery Barn!!!!
Happy January Cindy!!