01 January 2010

Happy New Year!

A collage of 2009
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I'll admit, the champagne in celebration of 2010 has a bittersweet taste for me. When we toasted 2009 into existence a year ago, it was with a sense of anticipation--I had graduating from college, meeting my niece for the first time, moving to Alaska, and getting married to look forward to. Short of winning the Nobel Prize, I don't see how 2010 could be any bigger than 2009. But I will try, with a sense of curiosity and mischievousness, to encounter 2010 and the adventures it will hold.
For now, I have the day off from work and I intend to spend it crafting and cooking and cleaning, generally puttering around the apartment like the housewife I sometimes wish I could be.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a great day...I love to putter!
happy New Year to you Cindy...may it be as exciting as the past year!
love and Light

Celeste said...

Each new year holds something to look forward to! Here's to 2010 and all it holds! And I agree, I can only pretend to be that housewife on those so few days off. Haha!