16 December 2009

The Travails of Staying Warm in Juneau

The honest truth of the matter is that when I lived in Chicago, it was actually colder.

But when I lived in Chicago, I didn't pay my own heating bill.

And so, Kip and I have learned to cope with cold weather and a newlyweds' budget. We've become quite imaginative. In the past three months of cold we have:
-made a door draft blocker out of some pillow stuffing and an old sweatshirt
-taken to constantly wearing slippers
-accumulated quite the array of thermal underwear, which we affectionately and simply call "underpants" in a whimsical tone
-busted out the electric blanket I gave Kip last Christmas only to find that his side didn't work (but keep it on the bed anyway because it still conserves warmth)
-gotten into the habit of putting Sparky on top of the washer at night, since it shares a closet with the water heater and is therefore the most suitable place in the apartment for a tropical fish

I think Sparky has really appreciated the night moves...up until a few days ago, I didn't know that beta fish could get goosebumps.

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Anonymous said...

I think that is exactly what is so great about living in a place like that...suddenly other things become priority...and things are not taken so for granted.
And as newly weds there are very pratical ways of styaing warm...which I will not mention here...hehehe