30 December 2009

Timeline of an Eternally Cold Police Wife

5:45am--Husband, already in uniform, stands over me and my morning breath in bed, "Time to get up. You need the car today, don't you?" I moan in agreement and roll over.
5:47am--Aforementioned Uniformed Husband turns on the bedside light and pulls off the covers.
5:48am--While Husband is searching for matching socks in the ever growing "Divorced Sock" bag, I wiggle under the covers now sitting at the foot of the bed, mumbling promises of being bright and chipper in five minutes.
5:53am--Am not bright and chipper, although I am warm. Husband puts my favorite slippers on my feet in an attempt to increase brightness and chipperness. It's mildly successful.
6:02am--Stand next to the front door in my pajamas and slippers impulsively putting on more and more layers of clothing as Husband brushes his teeth. By the time he's finished, I look like the younger brother in "A Christmas Story", although I can put my arms down with some effort.
6:05am--Jam my key into the car's passenger door lock because Husband can't enter the driver's side due to a frozen lock.
6:09am--Sit shivering as Husband drives to the police station.
6:15am--Stall twice on the drive home. Still shivering.
6:30am--Climb back into bed which is, mercifully, still warm. Check blogs. Fall asleep for another half an hour.
7:00am--Hit snooze way too many times. Still cold.
7:40am--Get up. Make blueberry coffee. Light the Christmas tree. Smile.

Ah, life.


hrobins said...

Aww! You are by far the cutest Eternally Cold Police Wife ever! Merry Christmas, my dear, and many blessings to you and Kip in the new year!

NanU said...

blueberry coffee?
Have an excellent year, both of you!

hrobins said...

*By the way, "blessings" = "children."

...just kidding. ;-)

Cindy said...

HA! Bite your tongue, Heather! You sang about kids at our wedding too (although that was really the Psalmist's fault). You'll have to wait a bit longer to be an Auntie. Deal with it, teehee.

NanU, Yes, blueberry coffee! It's made by the Green Mountain Coffee company in Vermont and my parents sent us some for the holidays. It's divine!!!

hrobins said...

Yeah, yeah. I dunno--I have three weddings to go to this summer, so I may be an Auntie sooner than we think! Anyway, I won't be a REAL aunt for a long time (hopefully!) since my little sister is only fifteen...yikes!


hrobins said...

By the way, happy Unionization Day!! (I don't really know what it's called, but on January 3rd some years ago--already forgot the actual date--Alaska was signed into the Union!)

Cindy said...

Thanks for the holiday greetings! It was 1959...we've been celebrating the 50th anniversary for about two and a half years now. Apparently proper math has yet to make its way up here to the cold North.