21 December 2009

Pandora Is Boss

I'm typing this while I'm sitting on my side of the bed. This isn't an incredibly odd or unusual position in which for me to be blogging, it's just that the other side of the bed is absent from a certain young man who keeps shooting me "Are-you-done-yet-I-really-want-you-to-turn-off-your-light" looks while he plays with an App on his iPhone to pass the time. And it's admittedly weird. Kip picked up an extra twelve hour night shift at work and that means that my night has included:
-a dish washing session with a Katy Perry on Pandora soundtrack
-dancing around the apartment to the aforementioned Pandora station
-frequent glances at the door after things that go bump in the night do, in fact, go bump
-cleaning, cleaning, cleaning
-cyberstalking Giselle Bundchen and Tom Brady....how did I go for almost a year without realizing that they'd gotten married and had a baby?

Alone time is always great, but would it be too obnoxiously newlywed-ish to say that I miss my husband? He'll come home tomorrow morning, collapse into bed for eight hours or so, and then we have some serious Christmas-related plans that include celebrating the Winter Solstice (it only gets lighter from here! YAY!), making mass amounts of cookies, and mulling assorted foodstuffs with the mulling spices we swiped from a community gift basket at work. Then it's back to work for me, a place that continues to catch me by surprise. There is a certain mother-son pair of regulars who, up until today, annoyed me to no end. Today, however, the little boy stood on his tiptoes to see over the counter and asked me very politely if I had any geese that he could feed to the toy fox that he got in his Advent calendar that morning. It was such an adorably random request, I couldn't resist. I led him over to the Playmobil section (which we found devoid of geese) and sat on the floor with him, reading out the prices of every item he could reach and bring over to me, since he apparently had some money in his coat pocket and I was the only one out of the two of us who could actually read. He didn't quite grasp the concept of larger packages meaning larger prices. I eventually started making up prices when he started pointing to items stocked far above my reach.
It took me by surprise how charming the whole incident was. It was a good surprise.


Anonymous said...

merry Christmas cindy!!!
have a lovely Alaskan Christmas with your hubby and Desperoux!!

Cindy said...

Thanks, Cat! All the same to you! I've been meaning to blog again about Despereaux...I'll be sure to give you an update soon :)

Merry Christmas!