15 December 2009

Matt and Le's Dance

It all started with a dance.

Actually, it all probably started with a class, or a debate, or a philosophical and/or theological construct most likely having to do with the Trinity or Thomas Aquinas, but in the most recent past, it all started with a dance. We'd all known for years that two of the people in our college "gang" were meant for each other, what with their shared love of knowledge, theology, and a healthy debate over just about anything. Matt was the ultimate scholar, keeping up a flawless 4.0; Alethea was the ultimate Greek-goddess-meets-theologian, dancing barefoot in the moonlight on campus while reciting ancient prayers and texts she'd learned in class. In short, they were the perfect Venn Diagram of a couple: balancing each other's quirks with their own and agreeing on several in the meantime. They came close to starting a relationship, and then not so close...it came close again, then not so much. And so Matt and Alethea spent the last few years of college dancing to and fro with the "could be" of a relationship.

And then the real dance happened. At Kip's and my wedding. And a few weeks later I got a call from Alethea, "So, I'm sure you saw us dancing at your wedding...." Prayer was recited. Friends were questioned, and as should be expected from two lovers of knowledge, they entered into a relationship full of not just heart, but of mind and soul as well. And last Friday, they became engaged, now looking forward to a dance at a wedding (a dance which, I have no doubt, will include much plate-smashing and napkin-holding from Alethea's Greek family).

And we all couldn't be happier.

Congratulations, Matt and Alethea!!!


Alethea said...

Cindy. you are the sweetest ever! i almost started crying! Thank you for your prayers and support, I have no doubt they have made all this possible. And I'll have you know, I consider it quite the honor to be on your blog. ... in all seriousness.

and thanks again for getting married... because it is/was a joy to see and because you provided for Matthew and I a place to meet...and dance :D

Cindy said...


Anonymous said...

Love love love this!!!
Christina Savage