01 December 2009

Le Honeymoon

After our cruise (photos coming soon!), Kip and I stayed in LA for a few days before returning to the land of darkness and isolation. Here are a few photos I took during our stay!

LA was unbelievable, especially considering that fact that both of us thought we'd hate what we'd perceived to be an incredibly shallow, crime-ridden, materialistic city. Okay, maybe it was materialistic, but it was also glamorous to a fault--something we definitely don't see in Juneau! Our hotel had a rooftop pool with the best lounge chairs I've ever seen and a view to match. Very Hepburn.

Our room, which Kip's dad set up for us with his fancy schmancy Hilton Honors points, was incredible! They gave us a super upgrade because it was our honeymoon, and we were rewarded with a suite looking over downtown LA. Seriously, this place had more square footage than our entire apartment at home. It had two bathrooms!!!!! Two! Bathrooms!

Kip sat at the bar and watched Sunday afternoon football, a highlight of our soiree down into the land of chain stores and easily accessible cable TV.

Even the elevator screamed "Old Hollywood"

The entryway was art in and of its own. Interior design in LA is--in a word--sensuous. Leather couches with silk pillows, drapes everywhere, flowers of every texture imaginable juxtaposed on a mahogany table...it was an experience!

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