09 December 2009

Late Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Things That Made Me Smile this Past Week:
1. One of the bookstore owners telling me how great a job I'm doing in the toy section on Thursday.
2. The other bookstore owner telling me how great a job I'm doing in the toy section on Friday.
3. The manager of the bookstore telling me how great a job I'm doing in the toy section on Saturday.
4. Getting our Christmas tree, bringing it home, and setting it up all without getting in one argument. That, in my opinion, completely validates the strength of our marriage.
5. Selling my first item on Etsy.com--a custom-made organic cotton hat!
6. Feeling completely self actualized after dropping off all the aprons, dishcloths, and scarves I've made to Homespun Mercantile, the local artisans' shop that invited me to sell my wares.
7. Getting a new phone in the mail! The keys actually work on this one, which is (shall we say) a big step up from my old one.
8. Going snowshoeing in the Gastineau Meadows with Father Thomas yesterday.
9. Finding out during post-snowshoeing dinner that the entire Catholic church is using a new translation of the Mass starting in a year or two. Explanation: this made me smile because the new translation is more literal and will make it a lot more similar to Eastern Orthodox services. The denominational unity geek in me almost cried with joy. I also subsequently got the Orthodox chant of the Mass stuck in my head: "Peace be upon you...And with your spirit....Most holy Theotokos...Aaaaaaaaaaamen....."
10. Watching Kip's work on his Economics paper on the Jamaican economy quickly dissolve into a study session with a Bob Marley soundtrack. There was a lot of bobbing and "Hey, mon"s going on in our apartment, especially when my mom called and Kip kept yelling, "'ey, Mom!" Marley-style in the background.


Anonymous said...

#10 - Did he get his boat drink?

Cindy said...

No, rum's too expensive :(