10 December 2009

Abbreviated Thoughtful Moments on the Bus, Part 1

With Kip's work schedule and mine periodically diverging, I've been spending increasing amounts of time on the bus lately. Which means more crocheting, more avoiding eye contact with strangers who smell, and more thoughtful moments possibly encouraged by the lulling rock of the bus, the stunning scenery passing by, and my fellow smelly bus passengers.

Abbreviated Thoughtful Moment on the Bus #1:
I am constantly refreshed by people who, although they are perfectly lovely by themselves, are more obviously complete when their spouse is around. (Like an open parenthesis...

...it just doesn't feel right until its partner comes along.)

There are two women at work who I've recognized as the open parenthesis to the closed parenthesis of their respective husbands. And I love it. It's one of the most beautiful things in the world, I think.

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