24 November 2009

The Much Delayed Ten Things Tuesday

Technically this should be the "Thirty Things Tuesday" since I didn't post during our honeymoon, but it'll just have to be a really good ten this week.

Ten Things That Have Made Me Smile in the Past Three Weeks:
1. Shenanigans on our honeymoon cruise, including learning how to make salsa and dance salsa in Mazatlan.
2. Coming back to work to find a very neat toy section and a semi-reorganized toy closet.
3. Completely reorganizing said toy closet. This is a big deal. I can see the floor!
4. Going through our wedding pictures and finding new ones that I hadn't seen before
5. Hanging out with Kip's grandmother at her nursing home and answering the same questions about eight times in a row every time she forgot she'd already asked.
6. Going to the MLS Cup Final in Seattle on Sunday
7. Taking part in the Seattle Sounders echo chant at said game even though the Sounders weren't playing
8. Watching David Beckham play in aforementioned game and taking photos of it all
9. Buying garden gnome-shaped Christmas lights in anticipation of the holidays
10. Getting our fill of chain stores and restaurants in Seattle. Yum, Applebees!

1 comment:

GingerV said...

so did you get photos of these smiles? can't wait to see your FSO smiles post.