19 November 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

It seemed as if the entirety of Juneau was waiting to welcome Kip and I back from our vacation. The entire city sat in a cozy blanket of snow, the dirty dishes we'd left in the sink quivered from the excitement of their owners' return (or maybe it was the mysterious substance growing on them...), Sparky did a little leap of joy in his tank, and our house plants perked up. Work colleagues eagerly asked for details of the trip, and our landlords wished us a happy honeymoon.

The only party not overjoyed at our return, it seemed, was our ever fickle Internet connection. So once it stops giving us the cold shoulder (and I have to stop "borrowing" the WiFi connection from the bakery down the hall from the bookstore), I will be posting with a variety of fun moments from vacation that include but are not limited to:
-eating and dancing the salsa in Mazatlan
-the incredible amenities aboard the ship
-a ship-top yoga class that left me breathless not from the view, but from the humor of it all
-photos (of course)
-our oh so fabulous waiter in L.A.
-a murder

I bet you're intrigued now, eh?


~JarieLyn~ said...

Yes, I'm intrigued. I await your next post.

hrobins said...


Barry said...

Oh yes, I'm intrigued. I love a murder mystery.