28 November 2009

Friday Photo Shoot-Out

Same old story: Busy work weekend (Black Friday anyone?) and a finnicky Internet access. I'll post later today, I promise!!!

24 November 2009

The Much Delayed Ten Things Tuesday

Technically this should be the "Thirty Things Tuesday" since I didn't post during our honeymoon, but it'll just have to be a really good ten this week.

Ten Things That Have Made Me Smile in the Past Three Weeks:
1. Shenanigans on our honeymoon cruise, including learning how to make salsa and dance salsa in Mazatlan.
2. Coming back to work to find a very neat toy section and a semi-reorganized toy closet.
3. Completely reorganizing said toy closet. This is a big deal. I can see the floor!
4. Going through our wedding pictures and finding new ones that I hadn't seen before
5. Hanging out with Kip's grandmother at her nursing home and answering the same questions about eight times in a row every time she forgot she'd already asked.
6. Going to the MLS Cup Final in Seattle on Sunday
7. Taking part in the Seattle Sounders echo chant at said game even though the Sounders weren't playing
8. Watching David Beckham play in aforementioned game and taking photos of it all
9. Buying garden gnome-shaped Christmas lights in anticipation of the holidays
10. Getting our fill of chain stores and restaurants in Seattle. Yum, Applebees!

19 November 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

It seemed as if the entirety of Juneau was waiting to welcome Kip and I back from our vacation. The entire city sat in a cozy blanket of snow, the dirty dishes we'd left in the sink quivered from the excitement of their owners' return (or maybe it was the mysterious substance growing on them...), Sparky did a little leap of joy in his tank, and our house plants perked up. Work colleagues eagerly asked for details of the trip, and our landlords wished us a happy honeymoon.

The only party not overjoyed at our return, it seemed, was our ever fickle Internet connection. So once it stops giving us the cold shoulder (and I have to stop "borrowing" the WiFi connection from the bakery down the hall from the bookstore), I will be posting with a variety of fun moments from vacation that include but are not limited to:
-eating and dancing the salsa in Mazatlan
-the incredible amenities aboard the ship
-a ship-top yoga class that left me breathless not from the view, but from the humor of it all
-photos (of course)
-our oh so fabulous waiter in L.A.
-a murder

I bet you're intrigued now, eh?

06 November 2009

My Town Friday Photo Shoot Out: Skylines

I couldn't resist doing a last post before vacation, especially after Linda's kind comment on my last MTFPSO post. I could have taken photos of the buildings in Juneau against the sky, but why? They're so ugly! And the reason they're ugly (in my opinion) is because people tend not to look at them anyways; they're always looking at the skylines of nature. So here you go!

For information on how to join the Shoot-Out gang, click here.

Vacation, Vacation, VACATION!!!!!

I know I have been terribly lax in my posting for the past week or so, and for that, Blogland, I deeply apologize! I've been preoccupied with taking over the toys section at work and getting ready for.....vacation!!!! That's right, Kip and I are taking the time for the honeymoon we didn't get after our wedding and cruising to sunny Mexico for the next ten days. I'll miss you all, but don't worry, I'll be back with my literary energy at full speed, and perhaps some nice photos and stories from Mexico to boot :)

See you all on the 16th!

Much Love,

02 November 2009

Friday Photo Shoot-Out: Landscape/Scenic Shots

Inspired by Barry's passion for his community, I've decided to take part in the My Town Friday Photo Shoot-Out, a project started to get bloggers out into their communities and showing them off to each other. I figure there's no better way to get to know my new home of Juneau, Alaska!

This week's theme was Landscape/Scenic shots. I figure that I show those every week, seeing as I live in a postcard, so here are some from an afternoon last weekend where Kip and I drove out to the end of the road...literally. There are no roads in or out of Juneau--it is land/sea/icefield-locked. That means that at some point, the roads must come to an end, and that is where we drove to one afternoon. It's a 37-mile long trip into the Tongass National Rainforest, and it was a gorgeous drive. We have plans to go camping out here whenever the weather cheers up...in eight months. Sigh.

For the goodness of your soul, click on this to enlarge.

I took this through our (very dirty) windshield. It's a long road!