13 October 2009

Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Things That Made Me Smile This Past Week:
1. Pre-ordering the new Star Trek movie on Blu-Ray with the Barnes & Noble gift certificate a well-meaning wedding guest sent us, forgetting that I work at an independent bookstore. Lemons, you are now lemonade. And my indie bookstore-working conscience is now at peace. Plus, I've been looking forward to that movie being on Blu-Ray since I saw it five months ago.
2. Getting a promotion to toys manager at aforementioned indie book- (and toy-)store. Yay!
3. All the comments from my last Friday Photo Shoot-Out post, especially the last three. They made my week!!!
4. Stringing a clothesline across our living room to use less laundry-related energy when we got a look at our last electric bill
5. Another culinary victory: Mexican Chicken Corn Chowder. Adding to the victory: the fact that Ofc. Crankypants-Who-Hates-Marriage at Kip's work LOVED it!
6. Sunny weather three days in a row
7. Ignoring Kip's scoffing and thoroughly enjoying my newfound appreciation for homemade cleaning products. Projects this week: cleaning my windows with Club Soda instead of Windex and finding some washing powder so I can make my own laundry detergent.
8. Anticipating Becky and Scott sending us pictures of Alli
10. Booking a shore excursion for our cruise in November---sunset sail along the coast of Puerto Vallarta, anyone?

Basically it's been a great week.


hrobins said...

Congrats on finishing your article!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cindy said...

Well, it still needs to be revised and stuff, but the biggest hill has been ascended. Thank you!!!