06 October 2009

Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Things That Made Me Smile This Past Week:

1. Buying flowers at the newfound local flower shop for when Father Thomas came over for dinner
2. Homemade projects: creating a door draft blocker out of an old sweatshirt, and some throw pillows out of old clothes.
3. Several days of sunshine
4. Starting to read a good book--Lamb, by Christopher Moore
5. When Kasey wrote on my Facebook wall :)
6. Kip finally going through the rest of the boxes from when he moved into our apartment
7. The cake that I made for the dinner in #1
8. Finding out more of the details about our cruise in November
9. Hearing from Mary that one of my Zondervan articles was good (with a few editorial changes, of course)
10. Getting to finally talk to my dad on Friday while having lunch on the empty docks in the sunshine!


Unstoppable Spirit said...

Your blog made me smile.

Cindy said...

Your comment made me smile!