20 October 2009

Ten Things Tuesday---Late Edition

Seeing as it's about twelve minutes until Wednesday on the East Coast, this is the Ten Things Tuesday Late Edition, brought to you by the most finnicky Internet connection in the world.

Ten Things That Made Me Smile This Past Week:
1. Getting my Internet connection back about five minutes ago
2. Receiving a care package from my friends in Chicago in the mail. It made me cry, too, but mostly smile :)
3. Adopting three new plants to spruce (teehee, get it, spruce...like a tree? It's a horticulture joke!) up our apartment--a Christmas cactus with buds that make it look dangerously like it's about to become a Halloween cactus; a tiny little Burro's tail that Kip took a liking to; and a leafy, viney plant that I forgot the name of. It's intriguing and has chutzpah.
4. My snazzy new haircut. I biked downtown today and said au revoir to about eight inches. It's fabulous.
5. The comments on my Friday Photo Shoot-Out, like always.
6. A day of sunshine today!
7. Eating at the Sandpiper after aforementioned haircut during aforementioned sunny day.
8. Getting photos of Alli in the mail. She is such a cute little baby!
9. My newfound passion for non-toxic, homemade cleaning supplies. Posts will follow.
10. Sitting at the Hangar with five--count 'em, five--friends drinking and talking. It was the closest I've come to having a circle of people to hang out with since I left school.
10a. The person walking on the street below my living room window who just busted into "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys. Classic.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad the package made it safely! I'm gonna email you the recipe for those delicious dessert bars, for which you now have the essential ingredient :)

Cindy said...

Oh THATS what that is! I was a little curious why you would have included an opened can full of Chai. I'M SO EXCITED!!!