21 October 2009

The Tale of Despereaux

"Ohmigod!!!!!" Kip sat straight up on the couch, intensely staring at the floor next to our bookshelf.
"What?" I asked, more than a little freaked out at his sudden outburst.
"Ohmigod." he replied, not answering my question in the slightest, still staring at the floor.
"WHAT?" I was genuinely freaked out now. He pointed to the space of floor he was staring at.
Still. Staring.

Not. Answering. My. Question.


"I saw a mouse run across the floor" he answered, as if I should have known that all along.
"Ohmigod" I responded, jumping up further onto the couch. "Was it big?"
"No, it was a little one." His eyes were still glued to the spot on the floor at which he had seen the furry culprit.
"Did it have a long tail?" I cupped my ears above my head, "And really big ears?" I scurred further up the couch back and pulled the blanket up, just for good measure.
"No, it was just a little mouse."
"Oh" I descended from my perch atop the couch. "Well that sounds kind of cute."
"Yeah, actually, it was." Kip teared his gaze away from the floor and looked at me.
"Do we have to catch it?"
"We probably should"
"But then we'd have to kill it"
"That would be sad"

We both thought for a moment.

"Let's keep it"
"Are you serious?"
"Yeah, we can name it and then it won't be so creepy"
"Or we can catch it in one of those live traps and let it loose across the street in the high school."
"Oooh that's an idea. But in the meantime, let's name it."

And thus Despereaux, our faithful apartment mouse, was named. I'm sure he'll be showing up in later posts. Welcome!


Anonymous said...

welcome Despereaux!

Cindy said...

Despereaux appreciates your enthusiasm, Cat, as do I!


Christina Savage said...

I like the idea of a faithful house mouse instead of viciously destroying the life that God breathed into its furry little body. Yay Creation!
P.S. I kind of want to meet Despereaux!