29 October 2009


In the month of September, I was obsessed with:
1. Photography
2. Fireweed
3. Kip's and my Converse shoes.

The combination led to this set of photos which I will post simply because so many people commented that they loved my Converse shot on the Friday Photo Shoot-Out this past Friday.

...the ironic thing is that I barely wear mine because they're a teensy bit too small.


GingerV said...

yes, and they are still good

Michelle said...

Fun photos! I love how Converse look and always want to wear them, but they never fit me right - I think I'm in between sizes with them. :(

Barry said...

But they look cool all lined up!!!

~JarieLyn~ said...

I agree with Ginger. I still like seeing them. They are very cool pics.