28 September 2009

Working in Town

After four months of working at the bookstore, I've found that the quality of life looks significantly brighter when working at the downtown location.

I am happier.
I am more productive.
I am inspired, mostly by the Gold Rush-era architecture, the non-florescent lighting, Sigur Ros playing in the background, and the copy of "The Professional Pastry Chef" that is constantly face-out on the bookshelf caddy-corner to the register.

I tend to think of Pixar movies. Last week it was "The Tale of Despereaux". This week it's "Ratatouille". Apparently the common thread is food and the French language. I lean against the empty counter and take a warm sip of the apple cider I bought from the coffee house down the road, staring out the open front door and thinking of what I'd like to make for dinner that night after I walk home. Hopefully the rain stops by then, but it's unlikely. It's a good thing I wore my blue and white polka dot galoshes on the walk up this morning.

A tourist in winter parka walks in the door, shaking the rain off their unnecessarily heavy outerwear. I stand back up and lean against the radiator on the back wall, warming myself against the cold wind coming in the "welcoming" open door.
"Hi there," says the tourist, who I know realize is Southern (thus the heavy coat)
"Can I help you find something?" I ask
"Yes, the tour guide said there was this book, somethin' about Alaska and fifty years. I don't remember the title or the author, but I know it had the flag on the cover..."

I force a smile as I surrender the warmth of my cider cup to the counter and lead the tourist over to the Alaska section. "Well, there are a lot of books on Alaskan history with the flag on the cover, but I'll see if we can't find what you're looking for..."


Unstoppable Spirit said...

I heard a lot of interesting stories about Alaska. One place I will definitely visit one day. /Users/Theresa/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Originals/2009/Sep 6, 2009/IMG_0295.JPG

Nabeel said...

It depends .. for me the quality of life gets better when I am around a loved one or people I like. Many times, even in downtown, you might end up working at a place where people are totally absurd.

Glad you are enjoying life :) I've never been to Alaska, so don't know the difference between City and the Suburbs