23 September 2009

Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Things That Made Me Smile This Past Week:
1. Working at the downtown store two days in a row
2. Seeing the colorful leaves around Juneau--and taking photos of them
3. Being asked to be Alli's Godmother
4. Getting the package that Mom sent with my long lost travel coffee mug and portable French press
5. Also finding a surprise loaf of banana bread in the aforementioned package
6. Receiving a letter in the mail from Lucia, the mother of the family I stayed with in New Hampshire during my summer internship a few years ago
7. Talking to my friend Josh for an hour on the phone--a welcome greeting from school and Chicago!
8. Kip's antics (Most current example: "Nobody wins with a head butt" in response to watching the final battle scene in 'The Patriot')
9. Getting to blow up MORE balloons at work(!!!)
10. Dressing up for the annual Police Banquet on Saturday

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