15 September 2009

Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Things That Made Me Smile This Past Week:

1. Kip switching to day shift...finally! He hasn't slept during the night and worked during the day since June of last year!
2. Putting up wedding pictures on Facebook one night, and getting over 50 comments on them by the next morning.
3. Working at the downtown bookstore on Friday.
4. Finally and officially changing my last name! In the eyes of the government, I am totally married!
5. Finding avocados 10 for $10 at the local grocery store. I bought five.
6. Having Jake and Kristina Abbot over for a game night. We ate guacamole made with the aforementioned inexpensive avocados.
7. Getting a letter from Lucia with a picture of England on the front.
8. Getting a birth announcement for a different Lucia from the Dibleys
9. Being asked to contribute to the Woman's World Magazine blog
10. Fulfilling a lifelong dream---I got to walk around the bookstore on Saturday with a ginormous bundle of balloons in my hand, like Gonzo in the Muppet Movie! It was fabulous and I grinned for about five minutes straight.


Womans World Magazine said...

Especially loving number 8! =)

Scriptor Senex said...

Loved number 10 - I think you've given me a new ambition.

Becky said...

Repeat after me:

Muh-NAH-muh-nah (Doot DOOO-do doo do.)

<3 no-yes

Anonymous said...

As usual you have inspired me once again. While I attempt to look on the bright/positive side of things I think I'll start writing them down to refer to during those times when finding the bright side can be a challenge. I hope this makes you smile. gilmorelady