29 September 2009

Ten Things Tuesday (9/29)

Ten Things That Made Me Smile This Past Week:
1. Two culinary victories in one day--wild rice risotto with cheese and red peppers, and slow cooker bread pudding!
2. Getting my new boots in the mail
3. Finally taking a full day to clean the apartment from top to bottom. It looks amazing!
4. The cashier at Safeway saying, "Thanks, Mrs. Cheshire!"
5. Getting to receive and order more cards at work
6. Two new sweaters!
7. Talking to Kasey for the first time in ages
8. Becky sending me a new photo of Alli, the cutest baby EVER
9. The Harry Potter marathon Kip and I are currently in the middle of
10. Kip's and my holiday plans....there's going to be some epic celebrating that I will blog about later


Unstoppable Spirit said...

Keep smiling! You have no idea how a simple smile can brighten up somebody's day.

Cindy said...

It's so true! And what about you? What made YOU smile this week...perhaps even a smile that brightened someone's day?