23 September 2009

Nightmares Into Dreams for AIDS Orphans

I drop a book on the counter and David looks up to see me rubbing the side of my face.
"You okay?"
"Yeah. You know how sometimes you wake up in the morning and you realize you've been biting your cheek in the middle of the night because you had a nightmare or something and it really hurts?"
"Yeah, oh I love that feeling!"

I pause.
He can't be serious.

"You can't be serious. You love that feeling?" I ask, rubbing my cheek again.
"Well not biting my cheek, but I love nightmares. You never get to feel like that in real life!"

...he actually has a point! But those of us who don't have David's amazing outlook on nightmares need a way to deal with them. Tessa over at An Aerial Armadillo has utilized a unique way of dealing with nightmares--this artist/humanitarian redrew a nightmare her "grandboy", Henry, had into a dream! And, like the drawing shown above (which I won back in July!), she is giving it away to benefit Dr. Maithri's Swaziland project to help support AIDS orphans in that forgotten nation. This is one giveaway that will quite literally turn a nightmare into a dream, as Dr. Maithri's work with AIDS orphans turns the nightmare of their lives without food or clean water into a dream filled with hope.

Tessa's support of this project is beautiful, and she has asked the blogging community for their support as well. There are three ways you can help!
1. Surf on over to Tessa's post on nightmares and leave a comment on how to turn a recent nightmare of yours into a dream. Henry's mother will choose the best nightmare-turned-dream, and the winner will receive Tessa's redrawn nightmare painting as well as a donation to Dr. Maithri's project made in their name.
2. Donate to the project yourself by buying one of Tessa's limited edition Africa prints--all proceeds from the sale of these prints goes to Dr. Maithri's project to break the cycle of poverty and HIV infection.
3. If you can't buy one of these prints or donate directly to Dr. Maithri yourself, then share the information with people who potentially can! Check out Tessa's blog for information on how she is contributing to this project, and also take a look at Dr. Maithri's project webpage, Possible Dreams International.

As one who knows what it feels like to hold a dying child, thank you for even considering supporting this worthy cause. Ngiyabonga!

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