14 September 2009

I'm Cheating On You.

Dear "Just Alaska",

It's true. I am cheating on you. I know what you're thinking and no, it's not you...it's me. I know I did this once before with that student blog for the University, and that worked out pretty well if I do recall but I graduated and something had to take its place! And besides, when the creator of Woman's World Magazine so sweetly commented on my post a few days ago, I couldn't resist. Imagine! The chance and the request to lend my voice to a chorus of women from across the world, simply writing about their daily thoughts and dreams and tales of womanhood! If I found a blog written by various states and provinces around the world, then I'd be all over that as well, but they have yet to come calling.

Don't worry, Just Alaska, you are still my first love and I will update you often. You will not see me any less than you usually do. But if I'm ever not around, feel free to visit me at the Woman's World Magazine blog. I'll be there, dreaming of the next time I can see you and the new template I treated you to in light of this event. You will be in my heart, no matter where my cursor lands.