02 September 2009

A Dry New Hobby

I never realized before how terrifying this must be for Sparky--there he is, inches away from that which would cause his untimely death: Dehydration.

As the sun slips ever farther below the horizon for ever longer periods of time, all of Juneau is starting to slip into sweaters and thicker boots, waving goodbye to cruise ships as we sip our warm beverages and look toward the snowy winter. It may be September, but it's early Autumn here in Southeast Alaska, and my hobbies are changing appropriately. I'm still crocheting and sewing yes, but the projects have changed from flirty skirts and water bottle holders to scarves, gloves, and blankets. And I've added one more hobby to my arsenal--dehydrating my own produce.

The idea never occurred to me until earlier in the summer, when Father Thomas made a comment about drying all his food before a kayaking trip. I hadn't thought of that! Why bother with paying $5.00 per wrinkled apple in the winter when I could buy semi-fresh ones at a semi-ridiculous price now and dry them? So for the past two weeks, I've been borrowing FT's dehydrator and stocking it with just about anything I thought would be tasty dried or which could be rehydrated into something tasty.

Here is my grand total so far:
-One jar of apple chips with cinnamon
-One jar of banana chips
-One jar of vegetable soup mix (carrots, onions, tomatoes, peas)
-One jar of pear chips
-One jar of dried corn to be made into creamed corn when the time is right
-Two jars of dried bread cubes for croutons

Coming Soon:
-Dried strawberries
-Dried scalloped potatoes

I feel so "Little Home on the Prairie".


NanU said...

me too I like drying fruit. What else to do with an entire tree's worth of apricots when you've got a gallon of jam already? Apple chip time is coming up fast here too!

Columbo said...

My mom used to do that. Tomatoes are apparently handy but the smell they produce when they're being dried is just vile.