07 September 2009

Belated Friday Photo Shoot-Out: Doors and Windows

Inspired by Barry's passion for his community, I've decided to take part in the My Town Friday Photo Shoot-Out, a project begun to get bloggers out into their communities and showing them off to each other. I figure there is no better way to get to know my new home of Juneau, Alaska!

This week's theme is Doors and Windows, chosen by Kerri in Canada over at Pop Rocks Culture.

Here in Juneau, I say, "Why have doors at all? Unless they're glass, they just keep out the beauty of the wilderness around us!" I say that until it starts raining, that is. Here, I found a natural pine tree window to a waterfall on Mt. Jumbo.

Even the bus stop structure windows give you a great view.

Harborview Elementary just down the street from us got a spiffing-up before the start of the school year last week. The brand new playground even looks fun in its reflection on the school's new windows.

If we ever decided to live in Juneau permanently, there are a few houses I would strongly consider living in. This is one.

Doors and windows galore show through a gap in the foliage on the Calhoun Street hill. This is the section of town called the Flats because it is comparatively flat to the rest of Juneau.

I decided this week that my personal step towards claiming Juneau as my own was not to take pictures of my home like a tourist, but to take pictures of tourists like it was my home. The windows on this vintage-looking bus caught my eye and my photo skills caught the eyes of the confused tourists within.

A totem pole and a window in the Governor's Mansion, which is still vacant, since the new Governor hates Juneau just as much as Sarah Palin did.

A window through the trees shows the hundreds of windows on one side of a cruise ship. You don't understand how gargantuan these things are until you're right up next to them. Remember all the fuss the Titanic made with its size? It's a bath toy compared to this behemoth, which is about five times longer than that ill-fated ship.

Because of all the rain (which miraculously stopped for a few days earlier this week), things in Juneau tend to get rusty--garage doors, cars, bikes.....people...

We, um, have fisherman here who are apparently very proud of being Alaskan. Their windows are comparatively boring. Personally, if I was going to make a giant building that was supposed to recreate the Alaskan flag, I would make the windows stars or moose or something equally patriotic.

I like the windows on the building in this shot (which also make it plausible for me to put it up here) but what I really love is the sign pointing any and all towards the Orthodox church in town.

This is part of St. Nicholas' Russian Orthodox Church. It's the only one (I'm aware of) in Juneau and it's a big tourist attraction. The windows are super neat...

...especially the little round ones on the top. Orthodoxy came to America through Alaska as the Russian immigrants who made the short leap across the Bering Strait brought their brand of the faith with them. It spread from Alaska on down, and there is even a small Orthodox seminary up in the Interior today.

I, however, made the trip in the opposite direction of Orthodoxy--I went from the Lower 48 on up to Alaska. But really, whether it's in Tuscon or Juneau, at the end of the day, home is really where your galoshes sit in front of the door.


Doreen said...

I bet the scenery is magnificent!! great shoot out!!

~JarieLyn~ said...

I really liked your shoot-out and your telling of the story behind the photos. I too, liked the windows with the green trim. The scenery is spectacular. Wonderful!

Carrie said...

I love the door with the archway of greenery. Also, the round window on the church is cute. Nice job!

NanU said...

wonderful post, Cindy! Juneau looks like a wonderful place to live (most of the time - I would have issues with the cold!), and taking pictures of busloads of tourists is something to think of when they get in my way.

Chef E said...

I feel photos tell stories, but I also like it when people use narrative along with them...great story here!

Barry said...

Wow, am I late getting here Cindy, but I'm glad I didn't miss your shoot out!

I enjoy getting to see Juneau. So much Alaskan photography is of nature, which makes sense, but it's wonderful to see where the people live.

Thanks for posting, and I'll try to be more timely next week. Although I'll still be a tourist!

By the way my word verification is "calvin is" (alright its actually calvinis), but it doesn't say what he is...

So my visit has left me with an existential puzzle.

That'll teach me!

Christina said...

i like this comment for several reasons. particularly the references to Orthodoxy and Tucson!