08 September 2009

10 Things Tuesday

My high school band and orchestra teacher, Ms. Nick (I still can't bring myself to call her by her first name) has been keeping a charming little blog, Notes from a Not-So-International Life, ever since she moved to Germany and then Peru five years ago to teach internationally. She moved back to the States about a year ago, (and the blog title changed from "Notes from an International Life" to its current moniker), but she still keeps up the blog and I love it. Especially because she includes things like "10 Things Thursday", a post that she copied from a friend who posts ten things that made her smile during the week every Thursday. Well, I'm always looking for blog topics and I'm a sucker for days of the week-assigned posting, so I'm amending "10 Things Thursday" into "10 Things Tuesday" to give it and My Town Friday Photo Shoot Out some space. I hear they don't get along so well sometimes.

Ten Things That Made Me Smile This Week:
1. Finally printing out wedding pictures and putting them in frames around the apartment
2. Getting a video of Alli doing some "tummy time" and trying to push herself up. She's 10 weeks old already!!!
3. Counting the till at work and having it come out spot on
4. Kip surprising me after work with a glass butter dish after my hour long debacle with Target.com and trying to get one shipped here to no avail. What a husband!!!
5. Working at the downtown bookstore and being able to walk home on a quiet afternoon
6. Getting really into the Friday Photo Shoot-Out this week
7. Kip being excited when he found one of the wedding photos in a frame around the apartment
8. Finally getting our marriage licenses in the mail so I can change my name
9. Being assigned the "taste this tea and tell me if it's good so we can order it" duty at work. They're called NovelTeas and each tea bag has a quote about books or by an author on it. My favorite: "Always read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it." -PJ Orourke
10. Talking to Kasey, Josh, and Matt all in the same week.

I don't deign to think that the ten things that made me smile this week is of any interest to anyone other than maybe my mom, but I'm hoping that posting it will inspire others to stop and think of what made them smile this week. We did a project in my Intro to Psychology class where we all had to make a list of 100 things that make us happy, and it was a transformative experience, so maybe this will be too! Plus, I'm going to start trying to pick one thing and write a longer narrative about it.

Make my list 11 long this week--#11. Writing the list. I'm such a geek.


hrobins said...

You've inspired me to write down 100 things that make me happy...I don't know when or where I'll do it, but it seems like a good idea to me!

Sorry I haven't called you back. I still love you! We should make a phone date...

Cindy said...

I used to have my list of 100 things posted in my locker (I took the class in high school), so maybe put it up next to your desk to remind yourself of happy things when you're sick of studying noun declensions.
Give me a call whenever you can!

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NanU said...

I really like the 10 things, and it's a great idea for a weekly post. I'm torn between diving in and letting it go, because I know I won't keep up with it. with two days taken, that's about 2/3 of my blog posts already!
You've inspired me to try it once though. And I love the Orourke quote.

Cindy said...

I'm trying hard to make sure I have the discipline to keep up with it too, Nanu, but I figure that taking five minutes a week to think about the things that have made me smile will really be worth it in the end, especially as our time with sunlight gets shorter and shorter into the winter!

Allegra Posts for Rose said...

Thanks for this!! I'm in a pickle right now and I think an attitude change....like remembering the things that make me smile or the things that make me happy are in order......this is a great thing.

I also like the idea of taking pictures of the area where we live.