18 August 2009

Wireless Woes

Kip and I have been back in Juneau for a week now and I am officially at the end of my rope in the "do we have wireless today?" game. At first, a month and a half ago, it was a fun game of chance. Sort of like Russian Roulette, just without all the death and messiness. I'd wake up in the morning, a gem of a blogging idea being formed and polished in my mind, make some tea, trudge over to my computer and click on the internet icon.

"Loading" it would say.
"Waiting" I would think.
And then, if the wireless network belonging to my landlords was in a good mood, my homepage would pop up and off I'd go, joyfully typing away, doing my bloggy duties and checking my email with a certain joi de vivre.

If the downstairs wireless was in a bad mood, another page would pop up in about a minute or so, "You are not connected to the Internet."
"Yes I am" I would respond as politely as I could muster.
The page would stick with its statement, resolute.

In non-Internet days like those described above, I would shrug with a slight air of disappointment and go about my morning, inevitably arriving at work earlier than if I had been able to poke around the Internet that day, and perhaps reading a little Wendell Berry or Thoreau during my lunch break to encourage my simple and non-technological existence. Besides, if I'd really needed to use the Internet for anything, I could always stop by Kip's apartment, which had a neighbor on one side or the other kind enough to not protect their wireless connection with a password.

But now it's been a month and a half.
And Kip's apartment is no longer Kip's apartment.
And I'm waiting for wedding pictures that I can only view online for the time being.
And I've lost three followers due to the lack of posting (or so I would like to think...it's a much more desirable alternative than thinking they left due to a dislike of my prose and much less idealistic than thinking they left because they too are pursuing a Wendell Berry or Thoreau-like non-technological existence).

Now, I wake in the morning, make my tea, trudge over to my computer, and stare disdainfully at it. Sometimes, if I'm feeling in the mood for self-inflicted punishment, I click on the Internet icon.
"Loading" it says.
"Waiting" I think.
"You are not connected to the Internet" it says.
"YES I AM!!!!!!!!!" I yell this time, my patience gone weeks ago.

And now I sit in the Downtown Juneau Library using its screechingly slow connection, trying to look on the bright side of things and be in a Wendell Berry frame of mind...although I'm pretty sure that Henry David Thoreau didn't have the option of chucking his wireless router out of his window at Walden pond. Food for thought.

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Barry said...

Few things in life are more frustrating than the internet; but even fewer are as interesting.

I feel your pain!