08 August 2009

No Friday Shootout This Week and General Wedding Freak Out Extraordinaire

As has been made painfully obvious through the lack of posts for over a week, I'm busy. Very busy. And stressed. Too stressed to blog, in fact. It's a good kind of stress, planning a wedding and trying to make sure that I'm spending enough time with each of the dozens of people who have flown to New Hampshire specifically to be here for Kip's and my wedding. Sadly, something's gotta give and in this case it's a general semblance of sanity, the lining of my esophagus, and keeping a well-updated blog.

More or less, this situation hasn't bothered me. I've had a great time over the past two weeks hanging out with my adorable niece, Alli, seeing my sister and my mom, and watching all the aspects of the wedding that we'd dreamed about actually be put into reality. It wasn't at crisis point until this afternoon when usual wedding rehearsal stress combined with the powers of a lack of sleep, the interminable presence of heartburn, a church wedding coordinator who didn't quite get what was going on, a priest who by nature scares the crap out of me, and the overwhelming feeling of so many people staring at me and Kip at the same time.

If that doesn't get a person to crisis point, they're just not human.

I was so obviously stressed after the rehearsal that two out of the three clergy members performing the wedding walked up to me at different points and, without saying word, swept me up into those kinds of hugs where it's less of a polite gesture and more of a necessity by the hugger to keep the huggee from falling into pieces (literally or figuratively...take your pick). Father Thomas traced a cross on my forehead and made me knock on various parts of my body, claiming that it was some sort of emotional stress release technique. I don't know if it was legit, but I actually felt much better afterward, so I'm going to assume that it is.

All this to say: no Friday Photo Shoot-Out today. But I'm looking forward to shooting next week in Juneau again!!! The stress from tonight eventually melted into the beauty of our rehearsal dinner, an event that included signed books sent to me and Kip from our mentors (including Phyllis Tickle!!!!!) and the periodic sound of Langsea Dibley yelling "Cindy! It's Cindy! Cindy!" across the room at me. Now, after hosting a party for all my college friends, I sit on my bed in the hotel, Sarah next to me trying to untie the bow on the top of her bridesmaid present (a rather amusing show, actually), and wearing my veil because it makes me happy. Now it's off to check my email (a much-welcomed slice of normalcy) and then a shower, some Tylenol PM, and bed.

I'm getting married tomorrow.


sciencegirl said...

Huzzah! Have a wonderful wedding and a happy marriage!
Congratulations to you both.

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