26 August 2009

A Little Insomnia, A Few Photos...

Note to Self: the downstairs Internet access apparently works at 4:19 in the morning.

This isn't such a good thing for solving the insomnia inherited from my night shift-working husband (who is currently on the couch next to me playing "Civilization" on the PS3 and shouting at his imaginary subjects), but it is a good thing for blogging. Especially because we got a few of our long-awaited (okay, two and a half weeks isn't really that long, but in "waiting for wedding pictures" years, it's ages) wedding photos today. I couldn't resist sharing a few while I try to get sleepy to the sounds of the Iron and Wine station on Pandora.

Update: Kip just named a town in his civilization after me. How romantic.

Oh, Mom. We had a moment while everyone was helping me get ready :)

Dad and I practiced our dance while Mom and Becky wrestled with my bow.

I'm such a geek for cross-denominational Christian community, and Kip and I thought this photo was such a neat Venn Diagram of faith: my Protestant family on the left, his Catholic family on the right, and us in the middle during the Lord's Prayer.

Quite possibly more beautiful than the bride, my best friend Kasey.

Best post-kiss moment EVER!

We really didn't think this photo would turn out as well as it did

...or this one.

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Anonymous said...

Two of the most beautifully in love people. Great pictures. Can't wait to see more. gilmorelady