13 August 2009

Happy Friday Photo Shoot-Out News and Not-So-Happy Barry News

Since joining the Friday Photo Shot-Out gang a few months ago, I've had a terrific time taking themed photos of Juneau on my cameraphone, and even receiving a few compliments on the photos I've been able to get on my little Samsung cell. But I'm growing up, and so are my camera preferences--Kip and I invested (with the help of a wedding gift from my Grandpa...thank you!!!!) in a beautiful new Sony Cybershot 9.1 megapixel digital camera. Oh yes, my friends, this Friday Photo Shoot-Out experience is about to go "off the hizzy", as they say. I seriously cannot think of another term to describe the beauty of the photos this camera takes. I've been inspired, in part, by the amazing photography of one Austyn Elizabeth Ford, our photographer for the wedding who takes amazing photos and is generally one of the coolest people I know. Check out her blog here. Maybe we can get her to join the shoot-out!

On to the unhappy news. After months of fighting esophageal cancer, Barry over at An Explorer's View of Life just found out that his recent bouts of chemo and radiation did nothing to cure the cancer that they just found in his spine, although it did shrink the tumor in his esophagus. Please join me in praying for him and his family, as his battle just became emotionally and physically tougher. God be with you and yours, Barry.


Barry said...

Many thanks Cindy. I certainly welcome any prayers that wend my way.

Sara Williams said...

I second your shout for Barry prayers Cindy, he is an amazing person. Sara x

Sarah Lulu said...

Prayers said for Barry.