30 August 2009

Cheshire Crafts

"Mom, can you teach me how to crochet?"
My mother looked up from the Reader's Digest she had been paging through. I had walked into the screened-in porch at the back of my family's house with a purpose, and that was to learn how to transform a ball of yarn into something functional.

For the whole ten years of my life at that point, I'd seen a few blankets around the house that were, to me, works of art worthy of a special room in the Louvre. They were warm. They were cozy. And they were crocheted, either by my mom or by someone else, I can't remember. But I knew that Mom was the one to ask--and besides, I was at the age where I was obsessed with anything old-fashioned, and in the Spice Girls and Tamagochi world of 1997, crocheting was not only vintage but completely old-fashioned in my eyes; something that women in the Revolutionary War would have done next to the fire while waiting for their brave soldiers to return home.

And so it was that my mom pulled out her crochet hooks and taught me how to chain stitch and then single crochet and then double crochet. Admittedly, it took me about a decade to get any good at it, but after last semester and sitting next to Heather in our Jewish Backgrounds of the New Testament class crocheting away every Tuesday and Thursday morning, it's become a bit of a hobby.
And, at times, an obsession.
A costly obsession.
Which is why I would like to proudly announce the opening of my shop on Etsy.com, Cheshire Crafts. Etsy.com is a bit like Ebay, only for handmade goods--sellers must only sell items that have been handmade by themselves. It's a quaint little corner of the Internet, and I'd appreciate anyone who might be interested in seeing or buying some pretty snazzy accessories to take a gander at my shop, linked both here and on the sidebar of this blog, under my "Friends of the Blogosphere" list of followed blogs. I only have a few items listed so far, but I'm hoping to expand the list to include baby blankets, scarf and hat sets with Alaskan-made yarn, and some embroidered goods as well.

Here's to you, Mom! Thanks for the crocheting lesson all those years ago :)


hrobins said...

Yay! I do miss crocheting through Joel's interminable "discussions" with you (the "discussions" that we were supposed to be led by students...those were the days). I'm glad you got your shop set up--I'll check it out soon!
<3 Heather

Anonymous said...

I want a custom apron! Seeing as your online store says those are allowed...when/how can we discuss?

Cindy said...

Matt--I will call you soon and we can chat about the apron. Woohoo!!!