18 July 2009

Friday Photo Shoot-Out: Yard Ornaments

Inspired by Barry's passion for his community, I've decided to take part in the Friday Photo Shoot-Out, a project started to get bloggers into their communities and showing them off to each other via photos posted in a common theme every Friday.

I figure there is no better way to get to know my new hometown of Juneau, Alaska--and I've loved taking photos of my gorgeous new home--but this week I am in Lihue, Hawaii on the island of Kauai helping my soon-to-be in-laws after a family medical emergency. My trusty cameraphone made the trip with me and I was able to get a few shots in on this week's theme: Yard Ornaments...

I saw very few yard ornaments proper, but was able to spot this statue of a Hawaiian queen whose name I can't pronounce. I learned after just a few minutes in Hawaii that locals have a much better alternative to yard ornaments...

...nature itself! The vistas and views on Kauai are so incredible that adding ornaments to it is not only superfluous, but completely unnecessary. This sprawling canyon is known as "the Grand Canyon of the West Coast" and is home to some of the most famous scenes from Jurassic Park, according to Mr. and Mrs. Cheshire

The most yard ornament-y type object I saw were the signs along roadways and scenic cliffs warning tourists not to climb over the fences and go hiking. Personally, this one in particular made me want to hop the fence even more, but I figured that the Cheshire family already had one too many hospital visits for the trip.

Nature's leftovers, like this spent coconut husk, adorned the backyard beach of the hotel.

Palm trees served as the main yard ornament of the hotel where the Cheshires stayed.

This huge tree was the main yard ornament at the Wilcox Memorial Hospital, where Mr. Cheshire was well taken care of.

Who needs a yard when you can have a beach?

On second thought, who needs a beach when you can have THIS?

And there we have it--yard ornaments in Lihue, Hawaii on the island of Kauai. Next week: reflections on a global scale--I'm traveling between Hawaii, Seattle, and New England but I figured why stop there? I have photos from Bolivia, Chile, England, Alaska, and all the places I'll actually be next week lined up. Until then, aloha!


Chele said...

I will check back later this week to see your pics.

Gordon said...

I'm counting on you to give me a weekly Alaska fix. Looking forward to it.

hrobins said...

Cynthia, dear--I've been meaning to say that you have an extraordinarily high-quality camera-phone. Your pictures are always lovely. =)