10 July 2009

Friday Photo Shoot-Out: Texture

Inspired by Barry's passion for his community, I've decided to take part in the Friday Photo Shoot-Out, a project started to get bloggers out into their communities and showing them off to each other through photos. Since the sad demise of my camera, I've been shooting on my camera phone, but that doesn't mean the photos can't still tell a great story! I figure there's no better way to get to know my new home of Juneau, Alaska, so here we go!

Many thanks to Linda from Canada for this week's topic, texture. I must admit, I was worried I wouldn't find anything to add, but I find myself with a prolific amount of shots for this week!

Ah, the Juneau-Douglas bridge. The smooth sun slips over jagged mountains each night (very late at night, mind you!) and reflects over the rippled Gastineau Channel.

The cross that I bought at the market in Cochabamba, Bolivia hangs in the entryway of my apartment. It feels more and more like home every time I hang something like this in it!

It really is starting to feel like home, not least because a guest of our wedding bought and sent me and Kip the duvet cover we registered for! It's beautiful and feels heavenly!

Oh yes, it's real. One of the original copies of the Declaration of Independence was put on display on a cruise ship in Juneau for the holiday weekend. In exchange for an officer to guard it, the owner brought it by the Police Department and let any officers and their families come to see it. Its historical value was incredible, but it also worked with this week's theme perfectly--it's printed on a cotton-paper blend that has the most unusual texture!

It was nice enough this weekend to hang my laundry outside my apartment! That fact, and all the texture-full pictures it created made me smile.

The pegboard outside my door helps my apartment start to feel like home, with my favorite jeans (that I wore in Bolivia and Oxford!), my favorite pair of warm fuzzy socks, a lovely kitchen towel, and the sign that my aunt sent me because, as she says, "That's my niece's mantra!"

Kip was really excited about having a sunny day with a low tide as we hiked from his apartment on Douglas Island to my apartment in downtown Juneau.

I liked the texture on this little trash hut. Yes, trash hut. They're for the people who aren't naughty and keep their trash cans in bear-safe areas, unlike yours truly.

Kip's future wedding ring (the one he'll wear while he's on duty--he has a different one for when he's not at work that the priest will bless at the wedding) is smooth and makes me smile :)
Only 28 days left!!!

We don't necessarily garden in Southeast Alaska, we just sort of contain the rainforest into pretty looking clumps.

And here we have the most texture-laden photo of Juneau in existence: the smoothness of the far away mountains with their still-snowy peaks, the intricacy of the city below, the water that's just a bit choppy, the dry ground of a low tide, and the prickly Sitka spruce, Alaska's state tree!

The texture on these little flowers was so neat to me!

Jazz, Kip's roommate's cat, is one of the softest things in Juneau. She doesn't seem to realize this, however, as she always bites. She's not very nice...until she wants you to give her some catnip, that is.

The Governor's Mansion (the home in theory but not practice to our governor...maybe you've heard of her, Sarah Palin?) is smooth as silk in the afternoon light.

The sun has overtaken the City Museum in this photo, but I couldn't resist still putting it up; the texture on the totem pole in front of the building is incredible! It's so intricate that curators take the pole down every year to clean it with tiny little brushes--it's the only way to get into the intricate carvings on this native piece of art.

The cobbled pathway, the trees in bloom, the marble pillars, the cloth flags, and the brick Old City Hall all added up to a little bit too much texture for me!

Fuzzy wuzzy wasn't very fuzzy, was he? This bear statue, which sits in front of the Old City Hall, is surrounded by texture of all sorts. I bet he doesn't go through people's trash...


Barry said...

Great photos. You were really inspired this week. I loved the texture of the photo of the Governor's Mansion but I wonder wht the poor cat did to get sent to the corner like that?

Simply Heather said...

Hello there in Alaska, from little tiny old Vermont :)

LOVE your Cross! All of your photos share wonderous texture...but that Cross has got to be the one that stands out most for me :)

Denise said...

love the pop of the yellow flowers. great post!

Doreen said...

love the many types of textures you have presented. the cross and mountains are my favs. awesome post!

Tessa said...

Fabulous photos. I couldn't choose a favourite - they are all so original! I think I love the washing on the line the best of all, though. The views of Juneau and environs are fascinating...I really enjoyed the tour. Thanks for sharing these, Cindy.

sciencegirl said...

Great pictures. I especially like the smile of laundry over the staircase.

Anonymous said...

Great job! That sunset is really spectacular! Love the yellow flower and the cross from Bolivia!

Chele said...

Great selection. That cross is very cool!

Zaroga said...

A super collection of photos. You cell phone takes pretty good photos... with you behind it :-)

Cindy said...

Thanks for your comments, everybody!

To everyone who loved the cross picture--me too! It's one of my favorite possessions. I even got to haggle for it (poorly) in Bolivia!

To Barry, the cat's (her name is Jazz) food is in the corner, so she was really having a wonderful time in what the rest of us would consider Time Out. However, she does tend to bite, so maybe she deserved it!

Thanks for all the support and the comments. They make my day! :)

GigiSxm said...

great photos and loved the declaration of independence shot! wow