14 July 2009

Adventures Never Cease

"So, you wanna go to Hawaii?" Kip leaned against the bedpost as he took off his boots. I rolled over, groggy at best, my vision blurred from an interrupted sleep. It was a normal enough Sunday morning--he had just gotten off from work (at 6:00 am) and was stopping at my apartment to wake me up so we could go to church before I dropped him off at his apartment on my way to work. Well, it was normal except for the proposal to go on a seemingly romantic pre-wedding honeymoon. Odd.
"Huh?" I rubbed my eyes, thoughts of lei-laden elopement running through my head.
"I take it you didn't check your email...." he didn't look happy about our potential tropical vacation.
"No, what's going on?"

And that is how I found out about a little thing called pulmonary embolism. Kip's dad had taken his mom on a trip to Hawaii for her birthday. They had hit the beach earlier that day in the hopes of going snorkeling, but when Mr. Cheshire started feeling less than peachy, they realized that something was wrong. The long and short of it stands thus: they found out that he has multiple blood clots in his lung. Blood clots are bad. He is in the hospital. I am flying to Hawaii tomorrow morning to give Mrs. Cheshire some moral support and generally help out any way that I can.

I mean, I've always wanted to go to Hawaii, but I'd rather there had not been a family emergency to do it! Either way, I'll keep posting--although probably rarely--and will try my best to find some Hawaiian yard ornaments for the Friday Photo Shoot Out.

Aloha, Alaska! I'm flying from the 49th to the 50th state!


Kasey said...

Cindy- send my love to your future family. I hope all is well and please take care of yourself while you are out there. I love you dearly.


Allegra Posts for Rose said...

Hope Kip's Dad is ok. Have a safe trip

hrobins said...

We'll be praying for y'all. And for your family, Kasey.