16 June 2009

Le Premier Mariage

After an evening consisting of maybe (maybe) an hour of sleep, Tina, I, and the rest of the bridesmaids finally admitted defeat to Mr. Sandman and got up...at 5:15 am.  We killed some time until our hair appointments by watching childhood classics on PBS--Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, Sesame Street, and Curious George.  Conclusion:  Abby Cadabby is a little jerk for singing a song pointing out that she has fairy wings and a wand while we dreaming little girls didn't.  Come along, Dreamers, let's cry together.

The room was not engineered for proper makeup application.

Feats of hair-doing.  I think they might have used polyurethane on mine.

We finally all tumbled into the limo (whoever thought it was the proper mode of transportation for a wedding party clearly never tried to enter one with a floor-length dress and a bouquet).  Tina just sort of landed and stayed where she was, in all her white, puffy glory.

Father Marc, Casey, and Kip waiting at the front of the church.  I'll admit, I did think of the fact that the same three will be waiting in the front of the same church in about seven weeks' time.  Hey, it was motivation to smile during my trip down the aisle with the rest of the 'maids.

The brothers and (future) sisters-in-law.  Tina and I concluded that Cheshires are good looking and only marry other good looking people based on this picture.  

Mr. and Mrs. Cheshire...yay!

If you compare the picture of Casey, Kip, Tina, and I with this one, you'll notice one essential difference in the bridesmaid garb:  whereas there were straps on our dresses pre-reception, there are none here, a good hour into in the festivities.  We all declared mutiny and removed them after too many of us either had the snaps malfunction or they just kept falling down.  

Does anyone know how the garter tradition started?  Crazy Americans...

Mama and Papa Cheshire busting a move.  After 31 years of marriage, they can still break it down!

The next day, the six of us went out for lobster.  Kip and I promptly decided that we really are Alaskans at heart, because we like crab much better.  
That, and it's just sad when your food looks at you...accusingly.

One Cheshire wedding down, one to go!


Aaron White said...

Cindy, it was great meeting you at Casey's wedding, I'm really happy for you & Kip :) Thanks for posting the wedding pictures, I was getting impatient for pictage to do so! Safe travels home, - Aaron

Cindy said...

No prob! It was great to meet you at the wedding, and I'm really glad you stopped by my little corner of the Web. :)